Protect Against High-Risk Identity and Access Threats

Equip your teams with the information they need to successfully build and maintain a secure identity posture.


percent of companies have suffered from an insider attack within the last year

Identity Management Made Simple.


Don't Let Attachment to Tradition Keep You In The Dark

It's Time To Step Into The Light With Risk Powered Governance.

Get a holistic view of your application landscape so you can make informed decisions about risk within your environment. 


Less Time, More Accuracy

Equip Your Team with the Essential Insights Needed to Tackle Risk

Protect your team from data overwhelm with the help of a machine learning system that elevates highest-risk items first and delivers easily digestible insights.


Cut Risk At The Source

Address Risk Before It's a Problem

Lock risk out of your environment with dynamic-based access control, anomaly detection, our patented risk scoring model, termination protections, and more. 


Dynamic RBAC

Get the benefits of role-based access control (RBAC) without the effort. With Clarity's dynamic role-mining engine you can easily navigate unique access needs without introducing role creep, identify role overlap to refine RBAC, and better enforce IT General and Application Controls.


Protection From Terminations

Ensure terminated employees can't cause havoc in your identity environment Clarity's automated workflows that immediately revoke access the moment termination occurs.


Landscape Visibility

Struggling to see the entirety of your application landscape at the same time? With Clarity, you can now ingest data from multiple sources of truth, identify and reconcile, and get real-time reports.


You Can't Escape Risk. But You Can Predict It's Impact.

Identity Governance has evolved, and it's about time. With Risk Powered Governance (RPG) organizations can prioritize risk at scale with a repeatable framework that doesn't derail productivity. Easily measure the contextual and inherent risk within your environment, predict the impact it can have on your organization, and analyze how changes in policies impact identity related risk.

Risk Scoring

What if you could anticipate the impact improper access can have on your organization? Well, now you can. Using machine learning, Clarity generates dynamic risk scores for identity-entitlement pairs. Making it easy to measure contextual and inherent risk, and predict the impact that risk can have on audit outcomes and business objectives.

Anomaly Detection

Anomalies in access permissions can be caused either be a necessary risk or an incident waiting to happen. Clarity’s manager dashboard brings access outliers to the surface, enabling managers to spend 5 minutes scrutinizing specific identity-entitlement pairs to ensure principle of least-privilege is always enforced.

Intelligent Context

We got to the root issue of rubberstamping during User Access Reviews; lack of reviewer expertise in access management. To help with this, Clarity provides managers with built-in contextual information and an intuitive dashboard so they can make informed decisions during UARs; reducing admin time spent on revocations post review.