How to Conduct 10 Minute UARs with Clarity

User Access Reviews Can Be Overwhelming– But, They Don't Have to Be...

Introducing: Clarity's 10-Minute UAR Process

The average company with 1,500 employees has about 400,000 pieces of access that need to be reviewed during each UAR. Not only are those numbers alone daunting, but when you factor in trying to tackle this process manually with spreadsheets and screenshots, it's near impossible.

With the help of Clarity's patented risk scoring system, a reviewers attention is brought to the highest risk items first. And, not only does our platform prioritize items for your team, but it also tells them why each item is high risk.

In this webinar, we will be covering:

  • What UARs are
  • Why UARs are important
  • A walk-through of completing a 10-minute review in the Clarity platform
  • The top benefits automating your UAR process