At Clarity, we believe that audit compliance should be easy.

It should be simple to get full visibility into your identity and access data, effortless to understand it, and painless to pull reports around it. Through leveraging the power of machine learning (and bringing on a badass team), we have developed a solution that works with your existing techstack, taking the pain out of identity governance initiatives. And, we are now on a mission to make easy identity governance a reality for security teams of all sizes.

Our Founding

In 2020, Alexis Moyse and Greg Glass were fed up with the tedium of user access reviews– and the fact that every available solution seemed to be incredibly expensive and require a whole team to run it.

In its first iteration, the Clarity platform was developed to help make user access reviews faster and easier for small teams. 

Since then, our customer pool has grown, and our offerings have grown with it. We have expanded the product to serve as full compliance audit support, including: identity lifecycle management, the most robust reporting your can find, and added over 100 integrations.


Clarity Security strives to create an inclusive, no-BS culture that empowers every team member to be the best they can be– while staying true to themselves. We are passionate about helping cybersecurity teams and believe that simplifying identity governance allows them to discover their true potential, as well.

With each new hire, we aim to continue building an environment wherein every member is given the tools to succeed.

We believe in the autonomy and that each person on our team has a right to be heard; That different voices and perspectives strengthen us and make us a better company to both work with and work for.

Meet Our Leadership Team

Alexis Square Headshot

Alexis Moyse

Co-Founder & CEO

With a rich background in cybersecurity leadership at renowned organizations, she is dedicated to closing the collaboration gap and fortifying companies' assets. Alexis's mission extends beyond innovation - as a trans woman, she champions LGBTQ+ acceptance in cybersecurity. In her free time, you'll find her adventuring in Colorado's mountains.

James Davison Headshot

James Davison


With a strong executive background and over a decade of experience in leading product teams, James played a role in launching the first digital IGA platform in the past– and is helping Clarity redefine what simple IGA means now. When he's not driving our company forward, James is probably enjoying a family bike ride or skate session at the ice rink.

Greg Square Headshot

Greg Glass

Co-Founder & COO

With over a decade of experience as a software engineer and product architect, Greg has crafted custom design solutions for organizations from a variety of industries. With Clarity, he is dedicated to developing and delivering innovative tech solutions that people's lives better. In his downtime, Greg enjoys wood-working and hanging out with his family.

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