Implement a streamlined identity governance solution to better manage human capital costs, reduce financial waste, and decrease time and effort spent on identity and access management.

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A Simplified Approach to Efficient Identity Governance

It's time to help your team accomplish more work without requiring more resources with the industry's most seamless and easy-to-use identity governance platform.

Reduce Financial Waste

Weed Out Orphaned Accounts
Organizations in the U.S. waste an average $135,000 on unused licenses every year. Clarity identifies orphaned accounts and revokes access with 1-click so you can quickly recoup those wasted licensing fees.

Increase Team Bandwidth

Operationalize Your Processes

Reduce the time it takes to manage your identity landscape, complete access certification, and provision accounts with automated workflows, quick user access reviews, custom alerts, and more.

Make the Most of Your Budget

Get More Out of Your IGA Solution

Save time and money with unlimited integrated applications, a dedicated customer support specialist, single pane of glass, and a slew of customizable features for your organization.

Impactful Automations for Busy Organizations

Employ a dependable, efficient way to manage the risk in your identity and access environment through powerful customizable features.

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Dynamic RBAC and Automated Provisioning/Deprovisioning

With dynamic Role-Based Access Controls and Automated Provisioning/Deprovisioning, user permissions are pre-determined and automatically assigned or revoked based on the organizations specific roles and priorities. 

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Unlimited Workflows 

Save employee time and energy with custom workflows for reminders, identity creations, identity modifications and more.

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Everything All In One Place

Empower your team to increase their productivity without having to increase their bandwidth. With a single pane of glass, they can now ingest data from multiple sources of truth, identify and reconcile, and get real-time reports, all in a matter of minutes.

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Faster Review Processes and Report Generation

Take your team from access reviews that take days, weeks, or even months worth of employee time, dedication, and resources down to a process that takes ten minutes. And, pull essential information across applications into comprehensive reports with the click of a button.

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