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Demo: Streamline UARs with Clarity

Tired of the inefficiencies and risks in manual user access reviews (UARs)?  During this session, Mark Maderia shares tips and strategies on streamlining UAR processes, mitigating risk, and boosting efficiency

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Optimizing Your Identity Lifecycle Management with Clarity Customizations (2)

Demo: Mastering Clarity Workflows

During this session our Implementation Specialist, Mark Maderia, shared tips and strategies to streamline tasks, boost efficiency, and automate processes to create custom workflows tailored specifically to your organization's needs! Learn about the benefits of optimized workflows and how they can transform your work processes. Watch the recording now, and start working smarter, not harder!

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Demo: Optimizing Your Identity Lifecycle Management with Clarity Customizations

Discover how you can define role-based access controls (RBAC), build efficient workflows, manage data effectively with tag customizations, and more in the Clarity platform to meet your unique organizational needs and transform your strategy.

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Leadership Talk: Garnering Buy-In For Your Cyber Program

In this webinar, Clarity CEO, Alexis Moyse, engaged in an insightful discussion with cybersecurity leaders Sam Ainscow and Macy Dennis, focusing on essential strategies for garnering support and buy-in for your cybersecurity initiatives. Explore their invaluable insights and discover actionable tips for driving positive change in your security goals.

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Demo: How to Conduct 10 Minute UARs with Clarity

In this webinar, we explore the realm of UARs, including:

  • What user access reviews (UARs) are
  • Why UARs are important to identity and access management
  • How to conduct a 10 minute UAR within the Clarity platform
  • Key benefits of automating your UAR process
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Identity Governance and Administration Powered by Risk Context – A Crucial Next Step in Enterprise Security

In this webinar, Clarity CEO, Alexis Moyse, spoke with AJ Yawn of SANS about topics including, but not limited to:

  • The current state of IGA
  • What the fastest growing IGA threats are and what makes them dangerous
  • How contextual risk and machine learning will impact the future of IGA
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