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About Clarity

Established in 2021, Clarity was born from a determination to empower GRC leaders and provide comprehensive identity insights. Developed by Co-Founders Alexis Moyse (CEO) and Greg Glass (COO), Clarity simplifies the User Access Review (UAR) process and offers a seamless solution for Identity Lifecycle Management.

Clarity's innovative approach brings a modern ideology to risk management in identity security. By providing comprehensive visibility and empowering GRC leaders, Clarity ensures informed decision-making and strategic advantage.

With Clarity, organizations can transcend the mere checkbox exercise of identity and access security, embracing a comprehensive and holistic solution. 

10 Minute User Access Reviews

With Clarity’s quick review process, teams can prepare and perform user access reviews (UARs) quickly and easily.

One-Click Access Reporting

Clarity automatically keeps record and allows users to download a complete ledger of every access change with a single click.

Role-Based Access Control

Leverage true RBAC to seamlessly grant appropriate access automatically based on the roles unique to your organization.

Custom Workflows

Discover how easy lifecycle management can be with the help of automated workflows, tailored to fit the needs of your organization.

Single Pane of Glass

Clearly see the outline of your security ecosystem with Clarity’s Single Pane of Glass that allows users to get the information they need quickly & easily.

Nested Entitlements

Otherwise a pit of darkness, Clarity’s nested entitlements clearly show who has access to what and where that access comes from.


The ease and usability of Clarity is great!

Manager, ESP-Identity and Access Management

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Clarity was built to help organizations ensure positive audit outcomes, effectively manage the risk in their environments, and implement a solution that saved them time and money.

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