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The Clarity Story

In the complex world of identity and access data, organizations face outdated processes and challenges. Enter Clarity, the revolutionary Identity Governance and Administration (IGA) product that is redefining the industry.

Established in 2021, Clarity was born from a shared determination to empower GRC leaders and provide comprehensive identity insights. Developed by Co-Founders Alexis Moyse (CEO) and Greg Glass (COO), Clarity simplifies the User Access Review (UAR) process and offers a seamless solution for Identity Lifecycle Management.

Clarity's innovative approach brings a modern ideology to risk reduction in identity security. By providing comprehensive visibility and empowering GRC leaders, Clarity has been enabling organizations to strategically tackle their digital identity management to protect their environments and further broader organizational goals.

In 2022, CIO Coverage named Clarity as one of the "10 Fastest Growing Digital Identity Management Companies to Watch" and in 2024 Clarity was recognized as an "Emerging Dallas-Based Software Startup Revolutionizing the US Tech Scene" by Best Startup Magazine.

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Our Mission

Clarity democratizes identity governance through the power of machine learning.

Our Vision

To fuel the modernization of the identity governance space.

Our Values

Fearless Authenticity, Innovation, Empowering Others, Saying No to BS, and Transparency.

Meet The Team

Our Leadership

Alexis Moyse

Co-Founder and CEO

Alexis keeps Clarity focused on solving the real issues that our customers face. When she's offline, she's probably climbing a mountain.

Greg Glass

Co-Founder and CTO

Developer by trade, music enthusiast by night Greg is almost too passionate about creating great technology that customers love to use.

Max Bergen

Chief Revenue Officer

Max has built a career helping startups grow so they can better serve their customers. Off-duty you'll find him surfing the local beaches.

From Our Founders

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Governance sucks. We made it suck less.

Almost every organization, regardless of size or resources, has a hard time getting a handle on access management. Every cybersecurity professional understands the importance of role-based access control (RBAC) and least privilege but without an Risk Powered Governance platform, these best practices are almost impossible to implement.

We both have first-hand experience with the exhausting exercise of trying to convince internal stakeholders to buy into IT and IS initiatives. And don't get us started on the stories we have about  trying to complete an audit when managers won't give you the time of day when you ask them to respond to reviews.

IT and IS operations have reached a critical point. Most security teams are having to do more, manage more, respond to more, with fewer and fewer resources. Not every organization has the luxury of hiring a team to manage a governance platform. And that's if you can find the talent in the first place (we're looking at you, global cybersecurity talent shortage)

For all of these reasons and more, we were motivated to create an intuitive and powerful identity management platform that makes Risk Powered Governance and Identity and Access Management accessible to cybersecurity teams of all sizes and budgets.

Thanks for checking out Clarity Security. Whether or not you decide to choose us as a vendor partner, we are here to help your security team succeed so that your organization can finally realize the impact of their efforts.

Alexis Moyse CEO and Co-Founder
Greg Glass CTO and Co-Founder

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