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Ensure you never again lose an identity in the joiner, mover, leaver shuffle with Automated Lifecycle Management. Reduce potential for human error and leverage highly granular access control and even identify orphaned accounts to save money and minimize risk.

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Joiners, Movers, and Leavers

Ensure new employees have the access they need from Day 1 and seamlessly adjust entitlements to reflect any changes during an identity’s progression through the lifecycle.

Risk Reduction

Protect your organization from loss of IP, destruction of IT services, and failed audits due to disgruntled terminations. Lifecycle management ensures that terminated identities are deprovisioned the moment HR files the paperwork.

Audit + Compliance

Evidence collection is easier than ever thanks to blockchain technology. All access changes made within Clarity or downstream applications are automatically logged to an immutable Quantum Ledger Database (AWS QLDB).

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Clarity allows you to think very critically about employee access
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