Easy Lifecycle Management

Save your team time and reduce overhead costs with seamless identity lifecycle automations.

Make manual processes are a thing of the past with simple, systematic transitions at every stage.

Timely Access for New Hires

When a new employee is added to your HR platform, Clarity provisions a user’s access based on your pre-set role structures and role-based access controls.

Updated Access for Movers

When an employee changes roles, their access is immediately reconciled to match the relevant role while respecting existing exclusions and exceptions.

Deprovision Terminations

When a termination occurs in your HR application, the identity is automatically de-provisioned and all records of access changes are logged to a immutable blockchain ledger.

RBAC Made Easy

Moments after connecting your environment, Clarity's dynamic role-mining engine spins up a custom RBAC structure that can be easily modified for a perfect fit.

Unlimited Customization with Workflows

With unlimited drag-and-drop custom workflows, a few click is all it takes to set off a cascade of notifications, approvals, access changes, and logs.

Access Removal Request Workflow Graphic Computer Screen

Multiple Sources of Truth

Need to keep track of identities located in multiple active directories or applications? Clarity will proactively monitor multiple sources of truth for JML events and will take any necessary action without manual intervention.

See Clarity In Action

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